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Variety Of Sic Bo Bets

Sic bo bets are quite similar the bets that are placed in the game of roulette. There are so many varieties of sic bo bets. But before playing the game, the sic bo bets, sic bo odds and the probabilities of winning in each bet must be clearly understood. If this does not occur, then the chance of winning in Sic bo bets is less.

There are so many types of bets. It could be a bet on small or big. In the small bet, only three dices will be used. The total score will be in the range of 4 till 10. The bet on big is also similar to the bet on small. But the only difference is that that total score is in the range of 11 till a maximum of 17. Only three dices are used, even in this case. Sometimes, betting can also be done using a two dice combination. The probability that you can state for winning the bet will be around 13 percent. Each casino is different from one another in this probability. Some casinos will be providing odds of 1 to 6, while some other casinos will be providing odds of 1 to 5. The house edge for betting on triplet is close to 16 percent.

The other bets include betting on 1 till 17. For example, in the bet on 4, the total of the three dices must be adding up to 4. The probability of winning each bet will differ. The odds in every game of betting will also differ. For example, in the bet on 4, the chance of winning will be quiet low. You can expect to win only by 1.3 percent. But in the case of betting on 5, the chance of winning is a little higher and the odds are less. In the betting on 10 and 11, the chance of winning is a little high.

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